Spare Ribs!

‘Spare ribs’…at last light yesterday, we came across our Tembe pride of lions with the a large herd of buffalo feeding towards them. The lions went into hunt mode. The buff did everything right. Bulls moved forward, a lot of aggression shown by the buff, chasing the lions, grunts, growls, dust flying. Cows encircled the …

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Credit to read 'Chris Fallows/ | Toro River Lodges

Great White Shark, up close and personal?

Nearby Attractions Ever had the desire to see one of the ocean’s apex predators? Or maybe you want to do a little more on your African Safari?How about come and see the beautiful and mighty Great White Shark, up close and personal! Credit to read Chris Fallows/ Apex Shark Expeditions specializes in Great White Sharks …

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Blyde River canyon | Toro River Lodges

Blyde River Canyon

Nearby Attractions The third largest canyon in the world, as well as the greenest canyon in the world, Blyde River Canyon is located in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province. The Blyde river canyon is 33km, and taking a nice drive on your way to ‘Toro River Lodges’, is a great way to experience the Blyde’s wonder …

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