Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Giraffe conservationists win tech award

THE Namibia-based Giraffe Conservation Foundation was the recipient of the Conservation Tech Award by EarthRanger last Wednesday. EarthRanger is a computer program of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and the award was developed to catalyse innovation and development in conservation solutions. It recognises organisations using technology to protect endangered… Read more

Spare Ribs!

‘Spare ribs’…at last light yesterday, we came across our Tembe pride of lions with the a large herd of buffalo feeding towards them. The lions went into hunt mode. The buff did everything right. Bulls moved forward, a lot of aggression shown by the buff, chasing the lions, grunts, growls,… Read more

Toro River Lodges | Elephants Showering

High Tea Area and the elephants showering!

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Toro River Lodges | Open game vehicle safari

The Elephant Interaction

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Toro River Lodges | Big 5 Safari

The Story of the Impala

The Fact Of The Day The Impala is a very successful antelope species.The Impala’s diet consists of both grass and browses, so they are termed ‘mixed feeders’. Being able to eat many types of vegetation benefits them, as it enables them to always have options for sustenance no matter the… Read more

Toro River Lodges | Big 5 Safari

Attention to Detail, Conservation minded, Beautiful Scenery, Excellence.

Testimonials This is truly a sensational destination.Set on the banks of the Makhutswi River Toro River Lodge manages to blend a rustic “in the bush” feeling with absolute luxury. Excellence.Achieved by meticulous attention to detail in everything from the framed view from each of the immaculate accommodation units to the… Read more

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