From R 8,625 per couple for three nights: "Mi Casa es su Casa"

Our South African friends and family groups are welcome to enjoy one of the most spectacular and intimate of settings. Our chalets are located on the banks of the ‘Makhutswi’ River, where we share our area with the hippo and crocodile residents, as well as the frequent “Big Five” visitors wondering through to the water hole, located in the North of Kruger Area of South Africa, where your outdoor safari experience comes to live on 26,000 hectares of wildlife.


Unlike other places, your game viewing experience is not confined to main roads, as our guides are able to navigate through dense bush following our trackers in the front, leading you to sights otherwise unseen.


We offer you the privilege of sharing our accommodation time in the “Makalali” reserve once a year, which is affordable for our friends and works well.


If you love preparing food, while enjoying a drink and each other’s company during the process, this is for you and that is why you prefer the idea of self-catering or sharing it while we are here.


Our special price is R 43,125 for three nights at the Lodge (for five couples).

This results in R 8,625 per couple for the three nights. Includes:

  • Two safaris per day

  • Room cleaning

  • Use of kitchen facilities and utensils

  • Table setting

  • Dishwashing after meals


All food, snacks and drinks are brought by you.


This price also makes it relatively easy to find enough couples to join to fill the entire camp.


Also please consider a fee / tip for the ranger, tracker, and cleaning staff.


We will be sending you the invitation personally between the following months so that you have the opportunity to reserve your space for next year with the options of entering Sunday to Wednesday (leaving Thursday morning) and Thursday to Saturday (leaving Sunday morning).


We will proceed to allocate the weeks according to the preferences of each group of friends, but if there is an oversubscription, we suggest you take what is available.


Once a time slot is assigned, is expected to get a deposit 3-4 months in advance and the balance to be paid 2-4 weeks in advance.

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