Spare Ribs!

‘Spare ribs’…at last light yesterday, we came across our Tembe pride of lions with the a large herd of buffalo feeding towards them.
The lions went into hunt mode. The buff did everything right. Bulls moved forward, a lot of aggression shown by the buff, chasing the lions, grunts, growls, dust flying. Cows encircled the calves, it was classic buff behavior! In fact two huge bulls we had seen a mile or two away were shortly on the scene, also defending the herd.
Pushing forward, smelling for and attacking the lions. We stayed with the action for over an hour. The lions were in the vicinity, buff all around us, very nervous, but continued with classic buff behavior.
This morning we found the very same lions devouring a wildebeest kill…SPARE RIBS…for them, no buffalo on the menu last night!! 

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