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How to keep Young Cheetah Cubs safe

The Fact Of The Day

Cheetah generally gives birth to 3-5 cubs at a time. The cubs must be moved at a young age from place to place by their mother every few days, this helps them survive due to predators. In addition, the cubs must remain hidden in her chosen place,  while the mother hunts for food.

Therefore, the many little spots on the Cheetah cubs’ fur helps them blend into the tall grass, camouflaging them out of sight of predators. Another interesting way the cubs are kept safe is the silvery white colored mane, called a ‘mantle’, that runs from the top of their heads to the end of their backs.

As a result, this mantle, which looks quite like a mohawk hairstyle, gives the Cubs the appearance of a Honey Badger! Especially relevant, Honey Badgers are well known by all animals as a force to be reckoned with. They are tough mammals and are fierce fighters.

No predator likes messing with a Honey Badger!